Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My new FAVE style!!

My style has changed A TON over the few years that I have lived on this beautiful plant. My style is now turning more bohemian and artsy nowadays. I don't really care about fitting in with my style anymore, I just wear what I like. You can't say that you love fashion with out being able to have your own style. A brand that I really like is Elisabeth and James. They have more hipster type clothing but they haven't quite managed to reach that raw feeling but I guess that comes with more mixing and matching. But I love these looks none the less, here are a few samples from their spring collection-

 I love big, baggy sweaters or shirts paired with tailored shorts or a skirt. It is a prefect contrast of tailored and free. I would wear this outfit just as it is.
 Again, a contrast between tailored and baggy. I love the white blazer, it makes this outfit so chic whilst it is still unique because it is paired with a pair of baggy pants.
 I love the sweater and shorts in this. I guess I just love contrast because in this one you have the long sweater and socks but you are wearing shorts.
 Another outfit that I would wear just as it is. The hat adds a cute, whimsical touch to the whole combination.
I think this outfit is just so chic but still has a bohemian feel to it with the material. Absolutely love!

Another thing that I love is bracelets! I love wearing lots of bracelets, I like to mix and match styles, colors and sizes. Each bracelet that I wear has some sort of meaning or importance to me, it makes it more special to wear them. I think that the bracelets add a lot to the whole bohemian look. I am not sure who's bracelets these (^) are but I thought that this kind of represents what my wrists look like.

I also love crop tops and this one (^) kind of looks like a couple that I own. They are so comfortable and I love wearing them, especially as the weather gets warmer. I like mine more artsy and original but of course there is the classic American Apparel ones that come in just about every color.

One last thing that I am IN LOVE with is bows! Especially the ones from American Apparel. The Picture above is of a girl (in a very cute outfit, i might add) with a bow in her hair. I thought it was a good example of what I am talking about with the bows. Also the bows come in many different colors, this one is a color that I just love.


  1. SOOOO cute!!! I love your style, our styles are very similar but I like yours better lawlll!!!!! cant wait to see what else you write about!!!!

  2. Thanks so much! I am sure I would love your style too!