Saturday, April 14, 2012


Well, summer is almost here so I guess it is time for some summer shopping!!! My favorite season deserves some really great clothes and accessories and just plain stuff. So here is a list of seven items that can all be ordered online and a few can be purchased in the store.

Brighton Platforms
 Even though these shoes are rather wintery (thats a word right?) they could still be made summery with maybe a cute floral dress or a loose, sheer blouse. Anyways, I really love these shoes and if you are looking to get them, hurry because they are selling fast.
True Religion "Hippie Chic" Perfume
I guess that people could call me a perfume junkie, I grow tired of perfumes super fast. But I have had my eye on this one for quite a while and I still really like the smell. It is floral with a touch of fruity and musky undertones (whatever that means) according to their description but to me it just smells like pure summer, and whats better then that?
Bumble and Bumble Beach Spray

This stuff is soooo amazing, I kind of need it right now. It instantly makes your hair more interesting and you look like you just stepped of the sandy shores of Venice Beach. It is good for any hair type, even my pin-straight, plain brown locks.
BB Dakota Dress
Yes I know, a little black dress. But for some reason this one really caught my eye. With the interesting detail on top it is just interesting enough to be separated from all the others. Also, rather wintery but can be worn at night or to events during the summer.
Voluspa "Crisp Champaign" Candle
Such a delicious smelling candle, I wish I could marry it. Can be a winter or a summer scent but either way it is still god on a jar.
Voluspa "Saijo Persimmon" Candle
I know I know, another candle, I guess I am a little obsessed. But this candle actually resembles my dreams and is in such a cute little ceramic container. Voluspa makes their candles with coconut wax and what is better then coconuts? Am I right?

Sunglass Case
Just a cute little case for your sunglasses. You can get this little item at Urban Outfitters or you can order it online. But I love the star sunglasses on the outside and the fabric makes it really easy to through in your bag.

So, there you go. Seven items that are great for the coming summer months and hey, my birthday is coming up (not really) so if you need something to get me, here are a few ideas.