Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Neutral, Neutral, RED

Here is this look with neutral after neutral after neutral.  Semi-bland right? And red, seriously!?! Red is one of those colors that I try to avoid wearing alone at all costs, it is just painfully obnoxious in my opinion. Now after I have criticized and condemned this little number I will attempt to explain to you why I still love it. Yes, I do love it (if I do say so myself). Normally I would go for an outfit that possesses some sort of pattern but when you have a mainly neutral outfit plus a few pops of color, adding a pattern might be a bit of an over-kill. There is no killing needed... really. The pop of red adds just enough importance to this look that forces people to look your way. And to be perfectly honest, there is no better pair then fire engine red and a good neutral. It's is kind of like the game duck, duck, goose. You have duck after duck after duck but then everyone is surprised when goose is called. Just like adding a little color to a neutral look will provide just enough wonder to the person you pass at the super market (because I totally go to the super market all the time). Now to explain each of the different pieces. I have a strange obsession with booties and high-waisted jean shorts (even though me closet seem to have a shortage of these such items) especially together. I would generally try to not to pair black and grey together because it makes for a wishy-washy type o' look. This look would look better with a cream or nude colored cardigan (polyvore lacked exactly what is was looking for). But the over all concept is what counts, right?? Yea, I would say so. Well sorry I haven't blogged very recently (school is an actual homicide) but with spring coming and my spirits genuinely brightening, hopefully I will find it in my heart to blog. I know the polyvores get kind of boring so next time I will try to mix it up.


(That mean bye bye in Cherokee... did you know I am a small portion native american... haha I am really tired)