Monday, June 6, 2011

My eye!!!

This is a picture of my eye that my friend Chloé took and edited a little. 

This is a picture of my eye that I took and edited a little. I think it is a really awesome picture and thought it would be cool to share. My eye color is a little different then how it appears in these two photos, my eyes are blueish green with yellow flecks in the middle. I think that eyes are really cool/weird and I love photography so I decided to share.

And interestingly enough, earlier this year I wrote a poem about eyes for english class. The assignment was to choose something to make an ode for and I chose eyes because hey, they are pretty important. I will add my ode to this post later, I just need to get it from school.

~ Sar


  1. You have a real EYE for art and fashion!!! ahahah i am so funny but seriously get out this is drop dead gorgeous!!!!!!

  2. Haha thanks i try on the fashion but also thanks for the compliment on my eye