Friday, June 28, 2013


I am so angry with myself. I like to say that writing is one of my favorite things to do and i haven't even been able to keep up my blog. School has been stressful, weekends have been stressful, and basically life has been stressful! But now its summer and I should be able to find more time to devote to the things I actually like right? Wrong! Currently I am in a summer math course at my school, oh the joy of it! Upon stumbling across some old photo shoots that I have failed to post, I realized that I need to get back to blogging. So before I just jump right into posting a shoot, I may as well do a little recap of my year and post a few photos collectively. Something that I have found that I really enjoy is buying a disposable camera and taking only a few photos per occasion, so that the film, when developed, contains a variety of memories and events. Disposable cameras are almost like mini time capsules, documenting the minor yet charming and endearing life events. Maybe its just me though, I like to think of these things as charming and endearing. So here a few photos that I have taken or have had an impact of my life these past six months.

Friday, November 2, 2012


So, hey guys, I could apologize for not blogging in forever but then that would insinuate that I can blog more often now which is not really the case. I wish it were but its not because teachers are stupid and think we spend all our time inside proving two triangles congruent or writing a paper completely in French (let me tall ya it sucks). Luckily, today my friend, Chloé and I got out for a photo shoot. We were going for a feminine skater look with the Radio Board shop hats and skater dresses. We kind of look like those skater douche bags but I guess its fine because were girls. I hope you enjoy the funny faces I make and crazy lights (photo class hollaaa) because I thought they were sick af! Hopefully there will be more soon!

Chloé's Look: Club Monaco button down, Topshop dress, Radio hat, Urban Outfitters tights, Ralph Lauren socks, Jeffrey Campbell Nightwalks and vintage key necklace.

Sarah's Look (me): Radio hat, Forever21 dress and necklace, Vintage sequin jacket, Betsey Johnson belt, DKNY tights, Zara socks, and FHR heels.

Marc Jacobs coat

Where's Waldo?

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Brandy Melville

A few months ago, online shopping and the depths of the internet brought me to a new destination; Brandy Melville. As soon as I entered the home page of the website, I already knew that I loved the clothes. It is basically the epitome of my everyday, casual style. I would describe the style of Brandy Melville to be easy and casual in the best way possible. Brandy Melville has stores in California, New York, and some locations in Europe as well. Also, one of the best things about this brand is that the prices are extremely reasonable, some would even argue cheap. I know from personal experience that the quality of these clothes is beyond what you pay for. Here are a few items that I especially love and/or own. 

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