Friday, November 2, 2012


So, hey guys, I could apologize for not blogging in forever but then that would insinuate that I can blog more often now which is not really the case. I wish it were but its not because teachers are stupid and think we spend all our time inside proving two triangles congruent or writing a paper completely in French (let me tall ya it sucks). Luckily, today my friend, Chloé and I got out for a photo shoot. We were going for a feminine skater look with the Radio Board shop hats and skater dresses. We kind of look like those skater douche bags but I guess its fine because were girls. I hope you enjoy the funny faces I make and crazy lights (photo class hollaaa) because I thought they were sick af! Hopefully there will be more soon!

Chloé's Look: Club Monaco button down, Topshop dress, Radio hat, Urban Outfitters tights, Ralph Lauren socks, Jeffrey Campbell Nightwalks and vintage key necklace.

Sarah's Look (me): Radio hat, Forever21 dress and necklace, Vintage sequin jacket, Betsey Johnson belt, DKNY tights, Zara socks, and FHR heels.

Marc Jacobs coat

Where's Waldo?