Thursday, June 28, 2012

Pop the Pink and Cobalt

I thought that, with the onset of summer, I would end up having more time on my hands. I could not have been more wrong, so I apologize for not posting sooner. This shoot was done with three of my friends, Chloé, Ariel and Danielle on the roof deck. We were going for neutral outfits with a pop of color. I think it is great that we were all able to help style each other's outfits.  I especially loved the cobalt blue heels that I wore and the sandals that Chloé wore. I hope there will be more to come but for now, here ya are!

Ariel is wearing a black Topshop dress and Kimchi Blue heels

Chloé is wearing an American Apparel Top and Skirt, and We Who See sandals.

I am wearing a polka dotted Topshop dress and Jenni Kayne heels.

Danielle is wearing Kill City skirt, Barneys top and Zara heels.