Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Dolce and Gabbana Fall/Winter

Dolce and Gabbana always makes the most amazing collections, all of them completely different than the last. This one I found particularly unique and creative. Even thought the collection goes together extremely well, each look still leaves you starring because they are all distinctive in their own different way. I am truly blown away by every single look and look forward to see whats in store for Spring and Summer! Here are a few of my favorite looks.

I really love this look, the lace and the print add a whole other dimension to this incredible look.

The combination of different sized stars and the black handbag look amazing and add a lot to this already awesome black dress.

I LOVE this soooo much! The sequin dress with the stars is so glam and with the black coat, a level of drama is added to the look and it looks amazing.

This look is rocking the manly coat and hat but the pattern gives it a feminine touch.

Again, love the sparkle stars and the gold adds a nice touch.

J'adore the mix of patterns and prints to make this awesome look, the skirt is absolutely stunning.

Sorry I haven't been posting in a while, school has been very stressful and I fell like I am just now getting into the swing of things.



  1. These are all really beautiful! Keep posting about fashion!!!

  2. Thanks, I think they are lovely as well! And I plan to keep posting!


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