Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My New Collection Designs/ Sketches

My Image: For my collection, which for the record is not even close to finished, you will see a lot of neutral colors. Also a lot of sheer and soft fabrics and edges. Going along with my love for contrast, I have created a line with a lot of tailored pieces that are paired with loose fitting pieces. The fabric covered buttons add a soft side to the collection along with the chiffon and silk fabrics.

1: This look almost makes me think of vampires although that is not my inspiration. The top is loose chiffon in the front and cotton in the back. The back tank underneath is a spandex and cotton compound and the skirt is silk.

2: This look a great example of the kind of tailored and loose contrast that I love, it is sort of a theme in my collection. The top is made of the same chiffon in look 1 but with out the cotton in the back. The dress is made if black silk.

3: This is what would be considered as a finale look. It consists of different fabrics mostly chiffon and silk. There is a tulle and silk bow in the back.

4: This look is yet again another example of tailored and loose, soft and edgy. The top is a white tailored blazer with back stitching and buttons. The skirt is a soft pink chiffon and has many layers.

5: The top is a thin knit sweater with black and silver woven into the grey. The skirt is made from the same silk as the fitted dress in look number 2.

This is my sketch book. I have had it for a few years and I have many drawings and creations in these pages. I got it for Christmas a few years ago from my aunt. This book contains the works of this collection.


  1. Those are super cute and I totally see the way each look connects to the other. And the drawings are ADORABLE!!!! love the blog too

  2. CUTE! love these designs!!!